2021-07-28 Matt CoralloDrop memory limit. It was useful to debug OOMs but... master
2021-07-27 Matt CoralloSupport specifying the BGP peer asn on the CLI, increas...
2021-07-27 Matt CoralloParallelize rolling filter checks/updates, reduce hashes
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloManually unroll bloom clearing loop since LLVM doesn...
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloWrite to stdout all at once to reduce "flashing" on...
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloTweak default settings slightly
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloKeep more log lines in case of giant terminals
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloStore nodes that timed out in a rolling bloom filter
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloUse last_services to store if we ever connected
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloDecrease the size of Node from 48 to 16 (and a map...
2021-07-12 Matt CoralloBump rand, drop SockAddr size by an additional 4 bytes
2021-02-25 Matt CoralloBump rust-bitcoin, add addrv2
2020-10-15 Matt CoralloFewer full vec allocations
2020-10-15 Matt CoralloOne less Vec indirection
2020-09-07 Matt CoralloREADME
2020-07-22 Matt CoralloBump nodes_buff prealloc to match current avg char...
2020-07-21 Matt CoralloPrint ASN lookups in output zonefile comments
2020-07-21 Matt CoralloTry reducing memory footprint a bit further
2020-07-21 Matt CoralloFix AS path detection
2020-07-21 Matt CoralloSort fields in size order
2020-07-21 Matt CoralloDont track earliest-scan-time, since we scan num/interv...
2020-07-21 Matt Corallopre-alloc routing table
2020-07-20 Matt CoralloAdd an extra hop in the path length now that we have...
2020-07-19 Matt CoralloFix BGP parameter usage
2020-07-19 Matt CoralloUse released bgp-rs
2020-07-19 Matt CoralloGlobablly limit alloc to 1.75GB
2020-07-19 Matt CoralloDecrease thread count somewhat
2020-06-13 Matt CoralloUpdate to latest rust-bitcoin
2020-05-31 Matt CoralloUpdate to upstream bgp-rs
2019-12-05 Matt CoralloFurther reduce memory in bgp_client
2019-12-05 Matt CoralloAlign routing table entries to single bytes
2019-12-03 Matt CoralloImpose a max conns/sec
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloDrop processing threads a bit
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloMake sure we dont ever queue things twice
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloAdd some basic COMPACT_FILTERS support
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloDrop a needless Vec
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloClean up print format
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloFix BGP table lookup
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloDrop Arcs around paths, and add more debug info for...
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloDrop prepends in BGP paths since it doesn't change...
2019-12-02 Matt CoralloDrop v6 tclass and scope to cut down on mem usage a bit
2019-12-01 Carl DongWe don't need BTreeMaps
2019-10-02 Matt CoralloInclude debug symbols in release mode, so backtraces...
2019-10-02 Matt CoralloFix a minor timing issue, load nodes at start with...
2019-09-18 Matt CoralloDrop the connections/sec arg and just make it fit in...
2019-09-18 Matt CoralloBump bgp-rs
2019-08-26 Matt CoralloSupport scanning by .onion hostname
2019-08-26 Matt CoralloDont flush with a lock held
2019-08-26 Matt CoralloAlways return two tor addresses
2019-08-26 Matt CoralloUse Option<NetworkMessage> so short buffer and unknown...
2019-08-26 Matt CoralloAllow up to 2 onion addresses to bypass BGP checks
2019-08-26 Matt CoralloImplement connecting to Tor peers over SOCKS5 in Peer
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloRejigger BGP timeouts
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloPrint stats about routing table size in UI
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloNever allow non-resolving-to-ASN IPs
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloSelect only ASNs visible in all paths for an IP
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloBump dep
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloReset routing tables on reconnect
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloAllow bgp lookups from CLI
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloFix handling failed route lookups
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloFix route lookup masking
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloAvoid storing unused attrs
2019-08-23 Matt Corallopanic = abort on debug, too
2019-08-23 Matt CoralloFilter DNS results by common ASN
2019-08-22 Matt CoralloSplit DNS results writing and data store writing
2019-08-22 Matt CoralloHold the nodes lock less while writing DNS
2019-08-21 Matt CoralloDetect some simple classes of evil spy nodes
2019-08-16 Matt CoralloBump bitcoin{,_hashes}
2019-06-10 Matt CoralloAdd a category for timedout pong
2019-06-10 Matt CoralloFix some printing for new rules
2019-06-10 Matt CoralloDrop unrequested tx peers,, request ping/pong cycle
2019-06-10 Matt CoralloBump rust-bitcoin dep
2019-06-05 Matt CoralloRequest 216, not 1008 blocks ago
2019-06-03 Matt CoralloEnsure we always hit our scan target, if only UNTESTED...
2019-06-03 Matt CoralloRequire some number of addrs to count, not just one
2019-06-03 Matt CoralloTrack which element timeout was hit for in different...
2019-06-02 Matt CoralloClose recv stream after receiving block
2019-06-02 Matt CoralloFix split point calculation
2019-06-02 Matt CoralloPrint scan set len on new scan set
2019-06-02 Matt CoralloMake good_node_services a Vec, not HashMap<u8, >.....
2019-06-02 Matt CoralloDrop nodes mutex before shuffling result
2019-05-27 Matt CoralloConvert state_next_scan to vec to make addr prioritizat...
2019-05-27 Matt CoralloAlways print result of manual scan
2019-05-26 Matt CoralloUse more threads to avoid locks blocking all progress
2019-05-23 Matt CoralloBump bitcoin dep
2019-05-23 Matt CoralloFix manual scan
2019-05-22 Matt CoralloBump rust-bitcoin with better ser/deser
2019-05-22 Matt Corallopanic = abort
2019-05-22 Matt Corallocompare to known-good copy of blocks instead of checkin...
2019-05-22 Matt CoralloPrint timeout during request too
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloPrint more lines of log
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloRegularly poll other dnsseeds for new addrs
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloPreallocate the header maps
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloNever run the scan loop more than once every 15 seconds
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloSend trusted peer a sendheaders
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloDont ever run two scan threads
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloFix printing Good on not-Good
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloAlways get 30 seconds of nodes to scan at a time
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloBetter log messages
2019-05-21 Matt CoralloPrint time more logically