descriptionBitcoin Network Scanner based on tokio and rust-bitcoin.
last changeWed, 28 Jul 2021 14:29:02 +0000 (14:29 +0000)
2021-07-28 Matt CoralloDrop memory limit. It was useful to debug OOMs but... master
2021-07-27 Matt CoralloSupport specifying the BGP peer asn on the CLI, increas...
2021-07-27 Matt CoralloParallelize rolling filter checks/updates, reduce hashes
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloManually unroll bloom clearing loop since LLVM doesn...
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloWrite to stdout all at once to reduce "flashing" on...
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloTweak default settings slightly
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloKeep more log lines in case of giant terminals
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloStore nodes that timed out in a rolling bloom filter
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloUse last_services to store if we ever connected
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloDecrease the size of Node from 48 to 16 (and a map...
2021-07-12 Matt CoralloBump rand, drop SockAddr size by an additional 4 bytes
2021-02-25 Matt CoralloBump rust-bitcoin, add addrv2
2020-10-15 Matt CoralloFewer full vec allocations
2020-10-15 Matt CoralloOne less Vec indirection
2020-09-07 Matt CoralloREADME
2020-07-22 Matt CoralloBump nodes_buff prealloc to match current avg char...
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