descriptionLDK C Bindings which can be used to build other language bindings
last changeMon, 16 May 2022 19:01:51 +0000 (19:01 +0000)
10 days ago Matt CoralloMerge pull request #75 from TheBlueMatt/main main
10 days ago Matt CoralloAdd a warning before we run a ton of sed's
13 days ago Matt CoralloSkip building x86_64 release binaries on M1 Macs
13 days ago Matt CoralloExplicitly specify a target when calling local clang
13 days ago Matt CoralloDon't use -mcpu=native on aarch64-macos
2022-04-29 Matt CoralloMerge pull request #74 from TheBlueMatt/main
2022-04-29 Matt Corallo[ldk-net] Correct pollfds array offset after reads
2022-04-19 Matt CoralloMerge pull request #73 from TheBlueMatt/main
2022-04-19 Matt CoralloDrop now-unused code from c-bindings-gen
2022-04-19 Matt CoralloUpdate auto-generated bindings
2022-04-19 Matt CoralloHandle impl blocks exist outside of the mod of the...
2022-04-19 Matt CoralloUse full paths in impl block handling instead of assumi...
2022-04-18 Matt CoralloMerge pull request #71 from TheBlueMatt/main
2022-04-18 Matt CoralloMake `Str`'s `clone` always clone the underlying bytes
2022-04-13 Matt CoralloMerge pull request #70 from TheBlueMatt/main v0.0.106.1
2022-04-13 Matt CoralloUpdate auto-generated bindings
6 weeks ago v0.0.106.1 v0.0.106.1
7 weeks ago v0.0.106.0 v0.0.106.0
2 months ago v0.0.105.2 v0.0.105.2
2 months ago v0.0.105.1 v0.0.105.1
2 months ago v0.0.105.0 v0.0.105.0
4 months ago v0.0.104.1 v0.0.104.1
5 months ago v0.0.104.0 v0.0.104.0
5 months ago v0.0.103.1 v0.0.103.1
6 months ago v0.0.103.0 v0.0.103.0
7 months ago v0.0.102.0 v0.0.102.0
7 months ago v0.0.101.3 v0.0.101.3
7 months ago v0.0.101.2 v0.0.101.2
8 months ago v0.0.101.1 v0.0.101.1
9 months ago v0.0.100.1 v0.0.100.1
9 months ago v0.0.100.0 v0.0.100.0
9 months ago v0.0.99.3 v0.0.99.3
10 days ago main
6 months ago 2021-11-hrtb-support
9 months ago 0.0.100
9 months ago 0.0.99
10 months ago 2021-07-testcase
11 months ago 2021-03-java-bindings-base
11 months ago 2021-06-fix-nondeterminism
11 months ago 2021-04-bp-inclusion
12 months ago 2021-04-invoice-incl
13 months ago 2021-04-upstream-confirm
13 months ago 2021-04-incl-persister
13 months ago 2021-04-bump-upstream
13 months ago 2021-04-upstream-bump
13 months ago 2021-03-java-yolo-base
13 months ago 2021-03-enable-wallclock
13 months ago 2021-03-missing-docs