descriptionLDK C Bindings which can be used to build other language bindings
last changeWed, 28 Jul 2021 17:06:58 +0000 (17:06 +0000)
7 days ago Matt CoralloUpdate auto-generated bindings main
7 days ago Matt CoralloUpdate git hash to latest upstream
7 days ago Matt CoralloExpose struct method calls on trait structs to C++...
7 days ago Matt CoralloUpdate C++ demo and ldk_net to new clone API and upstre...
7 days ago Matt CoralloProvide full (new) struct to trait clone functions
7 days ago Matt CoralloCorrect args passed to supertrait C methods in subtrait...
7 days ago Matt CoralloCopy PeerManager pointer in ldk_net
7 days ago Matt CoralloSwap include <> for include "" to make downstream Swift...
7 days ago Matt CoralloIf we're leaving binaries around, use -fPIC for ldk_net.o
7 days ago Matt CoralloFix LLVM version-suffixed binary name checking
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloMerge pull request #36 from TheBlueMatt/main v0.0.99.2
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloEnable macos-11 in CI
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloApply metadata replacement to ldk library as well for...
2021-07-13 Matt CoralloAdd extra targets env variable to build for extra targe...
2021-07-09 Matt CoralloMerge pull request #35 from TheBlueMatt/main v0.0.99.1
2021-07-09 Matt CoralloUpdate build-std parameters
3 weeks ago v0.0.99.2 v0.0.99.2
3 weeks ago v0.0.99.1 v0.0.99.1
3 weeks ago v0.0.99.0 v0.0.99.0
7 weeks ago v0.0.98.1 v0.0.98.1
7 weeks ago v0.0.98 v0.0.98
7 days ago main
3 weeks ago 2021-07-testcase
7 weeks ago 2021-03-java-bindings-base
8 weeks ago 2021-06-fix-nondeterminism
2 months ago 2021-04-bp-inclusion
3 months ago 2021-04-invoice-incl
3 months ago 2021-04-upstream-confirm
3 months ago 2021-04-incl-persister
3 months ago 2021-04-bump-upstream
3 months ago 2021-04-upstream-bump
4 months ago 2021-03-java-yolo-base
4 months ago 2021-03-enable-wallclock
4 months ago 2021-03-missing-docs
4 months ago 2021-03-option-primitive
4 months ago 2021-03-deterministic-bins
4 months ago 2021-03-bump-listen