descriptionDeterministic binary builds of ldk-java
last changeTue, 4 Oct 2022 00:30:25 +0000 (00:30 +0000)
3 days ago Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.111.0 Android AAR main
3 days ago Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.111.0 Linux library and release JARs
3 days ago Mattv0.0.111.0 OSX binaries
2022-09-04 Matt CoralloAdd v0. Android AAR
2022-09-04 Matt CoralloAdd v0. Linux binary and release JARs
2022-09-04 MattAdd v0. OSX binaries
2022-09-03 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.110.3 Android AAR
2022-09-03 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.110.3 Java release binary and Java JARs
2022-09-03 MattAdd v0.0.110.3 OSX binaries
2022-08-13 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.110.2 Android AAR
2022-08-13 Matt CoralloAdd Linux binary and Java release JARs
2022-08-13 MattAdd v0.0.110.2 macOS binaries
2022-08-06 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.110.1 Android AAR
2022-08-06 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.110.1 Java bin and release jars
2022-08-06 MattAdd OSX binaries
2022-07-28 Matt CoralloAdd Android v0.0.110.0 AAR
3 days ago main