Fix noinline already defined
[shamirs] / shamirssecret.c
2013-09-05 Matt CoralloFix noinline already defined
2013-09-05 Matt CoralloRemove redundant include
2013-09-05 Matt Corallowow...
2013-09-05 Matt CoralloAdd copyright headers
2013-09-05 Matt CoralloPrepare to run in kernel mode
2013-09-05 Matt CoralloSplit out UI into separate main.c file
2013-09-05 Matt CoralloTest during split that one missing part will allow...
2013-09-05 Matt Corallo-Wall -Werror
2013-09-05 Matt Corallos/k/shares_required/
2013-09-05 Matt Corallos/n/total_shares/
2013-04-15 Matt Corallotweak,
2013-03-20 Matt CoralloMinor crap.
2013-03-09 Matt CoralloFix integer overrun and print progress.
2013-03-08 Matt CoralloMemory clearing after finish.
2013-03-08 Matt CoralloLots of updates (including remove side-channels)
2013-03-07 Matt CoralloVery simplistic version of Shamir's Secret Sharing.