2021-10-19 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.102.1 Android AAR
2021-10-19 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.102.1 Linux binary and release jars
2021-10-19 MattAdd v0.0.102.1 OSX binaries
2021-10-18 Matt CoralloAdd Android v0.0.102.0 AAR
2021-10-18 Matt CoralloAdd Linux v0.0.102.0 binary and release jars
2021-10-18 MattAdd OSX v0.0.102.0 binaries (with LLVM 13/lld)
2021-10-10 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.101.3 Android AAR
2021-10-10 Matt CoralloAdd Linux v0.0.101.3 binary and release JARs
2021-10-10 Matt CoralloBump Android min SDK to 24 because apparently that...
2021-10-10 MattAdd OSX v0.0.101.3 binaries
2021-09-28 MattAdd OSX leaktracking binaries
2021-09-28 Matt CoralloAdd Android AAR for
2021-09-28 Matt CoralloAdd Linux binary and built JARs
2021-09-28 MattAdd OSX v0.0.101.2 binaries
2021-09-27 Matt CoralloAdd Android v0.0.101.1 AAR
2021-09-27 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.101.1 Linux binary and JARs
2021-09-27 MattAdd v0.0.101.1 OSX binaries
2021-09-25 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.101.0 Android aar
2021-09-25 Matt CoralloAdd Linux v0.0.101.0 binaries and Java JARs
2021-09-25 MattAdd MacOS v0.0.101.0 binaries
2021-08-25 Matt CoralloUpdate javadoc jar for to be deterministic
2021-08-25 Matt CoralloAdd android aar
2021-08-25 Matt CoralloAdd Java release jars and Linux bin, includin...
2021-08-25 MattAdd v0.0.100.2 OSX binaries
2021-08-22 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.100.1 android aar
2021-08-20 Matt CoralloAdd Linux binary and jars for
2021-08-19 MattAdd v0.0.100.1 OSX binaries
2021-08-18 Matt CoralloAdd android aar for 0.0.100
2021-08-18 Matt CoralloAdd Linux and compiled jars for v0.0.100.0
2021-08-18 MattAdd v0.0.100.0 OSX binaries
2021-08-09 Matt CoralloAdd Android v0.0.99.2 aar
2021-08-09 Matt CoralloAdd Linux bin and JARs
2021-08-09 MattAdd v0.0.99.2 OSX binaries
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloAdd Android release aar for
2021-07-14 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.99.1 Linux native lib and release jars
2021-07-14 MattAdd v0.0.99.1 MacOS release libs
2021-07-11 Matt CoralloAdd random constant files that are needed in android...
2021-07-09 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.99.0 Linux amd64 native library and determinis...
2021-07-09 MattAdd v0.0.99.0 binaries for OSX
2021-07-01 Matt CoralloRebuild jars with correct paths for
2021-07-01 Matt CoralloCorrect paths for native libs in
2021-07-01 Matt CoralloAdd v0.0.98.5 jars
2021-07-01 MattAdd OSX native binaries for
2021-07-01 Matt CoralloAdd linux v0.0.98.5 java bin
2021-06-24 Matt CoralloUpdate jars to improve determinism
2021-06-24 Matt CoralloAdd fixed v0.0.98.4 Linux bins to address glibc issue...
2021-06-23 Matt CoralloAdd (hopefully deterministic) jars for
2021-06-23 MattAdd MacOS binaries for v0.0.98.4
2021-06-23 Matt CoralloAdd Linux-amd64 binary for v0.0.98.4