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last changeMon, 25 May 2020 19:36:59 +0000 (15:36 -0400)
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloWIP master
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloAdd anchor output when we have HTLCs or a to_local...
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloAssertions in update_fee_that_funder_cannot_afford...
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloCorrect initial commitment check in inbound channel...
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloAdd TODOs
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloTESTING
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloTESTING
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloMake full_stack_target more absurdly huge and check...
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloConnect blocks at the end
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloAdditional asserts to include in fuzztesting (though...
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloDemonstrate mutating functions which are not fully...
2020-05-25 Matt Coralloempty_commit: not-yet-PR-d commits follow
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloRevert "Test that txn pay at least a minimum relay...
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloTest that txn pay at least a minimum relay fee in funct...
2020-05-25 Matt Coralloempty_commit: critical bugfixes follow
2020-05-25 Matt CoralloDon't send padding bytes for pings
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3 months ago v0.0.14
4 months ago v0.0.13
8 months ago v0.0.12
35 min ago upstream/main
105 min ago 2021-07-forward-event
5 hours ago 2021-07-maturing-claims
7 hours ago 2021-07-detect-htlcs-on-local-commitment
7 hours ago 2021-08-faster-pings
20 hours ago 2021-07-to-remote-reorg
32 hours ago 2021-07-custom-msg-suggestion
2 days ago 2021-07-fix-beta
3 days ago 2021-07-log-channel-close
3 days ago 2021-07-par-gossip-processing
4 days ago 2021-07-check-dust
4 days ago 2021-07-bump-deps
4 days ago 2021-07-new-closing-fee
4 days ago 2021-07-1019-test-fix
5 days ago 2021-07-always-connect-in-tests
6 days ago 2021-07-broken-beta